Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer So Far

I have not written FOREVER. And that is due, largely in part, to the fact that we have been MOVING. I have firmly decided, and I will tell anyone I see, that I would rather give birth than move. I am not kidding. However, we were lucky enough (or crazy enough) to throw two weeks of vacation into the midst of our moving. We went to Zion National Park for the annual Durfey/Smith reunion, then down to Gilbert, AZ to Ben's parents for the 4th of July and Mila's birthday, then over to Claremont, CA to visit my dad and Janine and the old stomping grounds. Finally, when we came home to our disaster of an unpacked house in Provo, my mom and youngest brother showed up from Boston to help out for two weeks! They left last night and we are sad but so very grateful they came! But enough of the boring stuff. If you're like me, you want less talkie, more lookie...

Lane and Lucy at 6 months (6/9/07)

Grandpa Jones feeding the girls in St. George

Ethan and cousin Lily in the river at Zion National Park

Mila and cousin Collin in the river

Lane and Lucy wearing their team bandannas for the Durfey reunion

Mila and Collin, getting their craft on

Cousin Kate and Ethan

Lazy Zion afternoons: Cutey Luke is next to Ethan and cutey Seth has the helmet

The Smith siblings: Ben, Aaron, Melanie, Josh, Jake, Davey, and Booner

The Grand Canyon

This one of my in-laws totally "cracks" me up!

How romantic...

Laney and Mila

The 4th of July

Mila requested a " heart-shaped, chocolate cake with pink frosting and M&M's"--Hooray Aunt Melanie!

After opening Ethan's present

Mila and Grandma Smith

Lane and Lucy, in their new double stroller--almost 8 months old

At Adventure City in Anaheim, CA with my friend Heidi and her cute kids Ainsley and Alyssa

Pioneer Day pony ride


Ben Smith said...

I don't get the "crack" joke. Please explain.

Hailey said...

Are you kidding, Ben? So it was a lame joke, but the fact that your mom is holding her box of crackers in the picture is hilarious!

Matt said...

Yeah, I didn't get the crack joke either. And "Adventure City?" Never heard of it. I think you're making it up.
Seriously though, moving is awful. It gives me the shivers just thinking about it, and Gabe hates it worse than I do. You have our sympathies.
It was great to see you guys while you were out here. Thanks for stopping by.

erin said...

Cute pictures! Haha... I thought you were refering to cracks in the mountains or something! ;) That is funny that the crackers were included in the photo though! Lane and Lucy are always especially cute in their matching outfits.
The last pic made me miss Utah and pioneer day. TX should celebrate...

Kristen said...

I just love Lucy and Laney in their pretty bows ;) Looks like it's been a fun summer so far.

Jenni said...

Love all your fun pictures!!! It was so good to see you guys and meet my cute little nieces!!! Seriously, the cutest twinners ever! MAkes me want to have a girl one day even. Hope you're getting all settled into your new place--can't wait to all get together again in a few months...and I am SOOOO all about a spa-overnighter!!! I'll be there!

Shawn said...

Just so you feel better about it...I got the "crack" joke immediately.

Not that I thought it was funny, but oh, well, at least I get your jokes...


...And where are the pictures of Mimi and Aydan?

Betina said...

Oakley had a helmet, like Melanie's litte guy. I always called him a stormtrooper.

I love all the pictures.