Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holiday Recap

I know that the holidays are over, believe me, especially as I'm freezing my tail off in this never-ending January (almost February) weather. However, I'd like to bask in the warmth of the holidays long past for just a moment.

We kicked off December with a raging party for the twins on the 2nd.

The girls, when presented with their cakes, reacted in opposite ways.

Laney demolished the thing in twenty seconds, shoving fistfuls of chocolate in her mouth...

...while Lucy, the Felix to Lane's Oscar, sat there and stared in disgust at the pink frosting that had somehow attached itself to her finger.

Opening presents

My mom and Aydan arrived at the tail-end of the party, and stayed with us for a week.

We went with Grandpa and Grandma Cannon and Aunt Margy and Uncle Eldon to see the lights at Temple Square.

Ethan, Aydan and Mila riding TRAX

Lucy and Lane, looking cozy, with the other kids at Temple Square

Mom, Lucy, Grandma, Lane and Aydan waiting for the train

Mom LOVES those babies!

We made a stop at Build-a-Bear to pick up a Rudolph and Clarice with Travis and Rachel and Co. (It was mainly the moms who wanted the reindeer, let's be honest)

Mila, waiting to get her Clarice stuffed. Look at festive Rachel in the background...

Mila, Andrew, Ethan and Emma with the finished products!

We got to see Mila's Christmas play. She played Friendly the Elf and Rachel made her a killer elf ensemble.

Why yes, those are bells around the edge of her skirt! She jingled all over the stage!

After Ben got done with Finals, we headed to Scottsdale, Arizona, where we spent Christmas in condos with Ben's entire family. It was wild and crazy and some people were throwing up and others were playing Guitar Hero III all night long--basically our typical family gathering. Here are some highlights:

That would be SEVEN one year olds. Count them if you don't believe me! We were all pregnant together. The couch really clashes with them and it bugs me, but whatev

All the grandkids, looking content on this peaceful Christmas Eve

The boys--can you guess which one is the dad? Barely!

The ladies--no one pregnant in this picture! (At least, I think so...)

Mila and her American Girl doll--don't you think they look alike?

Melanie and I took nine kids to the train park by ourselves--what were we thinking?

Lane, enjoying the park

Lucy, with a sticker on her face

Ladies' day out was spent getting massages, pedicures, and a fantastic lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!

I look tired in this picture. Maybe because I was. Sleeping in the same room with five people who wake you up all night does not a good night's sleep make. Especially after you've stayed up half the night talking about hemorrhoids--I love this family.

I have more pictures of our trip but I feel like I have posted a million already, and I really need to take a shower...


Annette said...

Love all the pictures! That one of all the grandkids on the couch is a classic. I can't believe how grown up your kids are! I guess that might be because I haven't seen them in about 2 years. Wow! Time flies. Jenna will love seeing Mila's pictures.

erin said...

So funny that the girls had such different reactions to their birthday cake! haha. Fun pictures! and, I agree... the couch in the background of the baby picture does clash. We should have put a sheet over it...

Bek said...

So cute, I love the opposite colors on the girls. How fun!! I also think it is funny that they had opposite reactions...

7 one year olds? Did someone else have twins? I only saw 5 "moms"...

Hailey said...

Yes, Bek, I should have mentioned it, but my husband's sister had fraternal twin boys exactly two months before us. I want to know the odds of siblings having twins that close together!

Shawn said...

Hey now---I am thinking that I all of the sudden have a double chin in my picture----and that is the ONE thing that I don't have!!

Although it matched Laney's, but hers was cute!

Shawn said...

Whoops! I went back to see which twin had the double chin and it was Lucy!

Now don't you go thinking that I can't tell them apart, Hailey! :)

I DO love those girls...

Kristen said...

You and Mila are rocking in those hats. I wish my kids would let me put them on. And I totally remember staying up till 3 am talking about hemorrhoids! Good times.

Branches said...

Your twins are precious! Great blog :)