Monday, February 14, 2011

Lisa's Special Day

Photos taken by the lovely Justin Hackworth

This post is dedicated to my favorite Valentine, Lisa (I can say that without sounding creepy because her actual maiden name is Valentine.) For Valentine's Day, she has, not one, but two awesome blog posts about the day of hearts. I feel honored to be mentioned in one of them, and in reference to chocolate, to boot! Oh happy day!

And while we're on the subject of Lisa, I think you should know that she is the MOST brilliant comedienne I have ever seen. I have cried tears from laughing so hard at her onstage antics. She could give Amy, Kristen, and Tina a run for their money, yet she chooses to be the go-to woman for her five amazing kids, and for that, she deserves a major shout-out. After all, V also stands for "validation" (am I right?)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Ben and I are off to a Spurs/Nets game tonight in NJ, and so, as Gloria says on Modern Family, "I ween! I ween!"


Jenni said...

Love me some MOdern Family...funniest show ever! Happy Valentines to you guys! Have a fun night!

Lisa said...

Ahhhh, shucks! Thank you for this wonderful post about ME! I love it that "V" stands for "validation!" You know me so well! xoxoxo Happy Valentine's Day!