Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cabin Fever

Cheap thrills. I love 'em. Getting some good ear wax out of my ear (or someone else's) gives me a little rush. Putting on cozy socks, eating ice cream in the middle of the day, filling up an online shopping cart with $4 items of clothing--I can't get enough of them these days. Maybe it's because I have been in my house now for a solid two months, with the exceptional hurried trip on my own to Wal-Mart or Target (just walking through those red automatic doors=biggest cheap thrill EVER,) and I did get to perform in one blissful show. Many parts of the home-body lifestyle are appealing. I have gotten really creative with my pajama wardrobe and have even come up with different ensembles (again, cheap thrills,) I eat all the time, and Tivo and I have become BEST friends. However, there are some days when I really miss my carefree, minivan-setting days. I was wild! I would drive all the way to Provo and shop, go out to lunch, hang out with friends, fight with Ethan all in between, you know, living the life every fabulous twenty-something lives.

Now that I have been homebound, I've felt deprived of all of that. However, last week I had a glorious epiphany. I figured out a way to combine my love of cruising, shopping, and dining without endangering the lives of my preemies. I've discovered the biggest cheap thrill of all: drive-thru excursions. Last Friday, I loaded up everyone in the car and we traveled to Draper to Astro Burger. I got myself a cheeseburger, fries, fry sauce, Coke, and a chocolate-banana shake, and then we turned around and went right back home again. The girls slept, Ethan watched Cars, it was the perfect scenario. I felt refreshed and alive! I couldn't wait to go again! Then, two nights ago, I found an opportunity. Ben called me and informed he would be working late. I felt that tingle of adventure and I exclaimed, "Kids! Grab your coats!" This time, we hit Kneader's in Lindon. But my new-found obsession got the best of me and I sort of went "shopping" at the drive-thru! I ordered two turkey sandwiches, a huge thing of chicken noodle soup, a smoothie, and I kid you not, an ENTIRE raspberry creme pie. I could not even control myself, I was that desperate for excitement. So now I worry that my new-found cheap thrill is going to turn out to be a very expensive rush indeed. For example, you don't even have to tell me twice that Outback Steakhouse has a drive-thru window--believe me, I know it! I'm looking its way right now. But in the mean-time, I need everyone to let me know of THE best drive-thrus around, because I intend to hit every last one of them (and don't even try to tease me by saying Zupa's does, because I know it's not true!) If anyone wants to go with me, feel free! You can come to my house and I'll load you up with everyone else! But please don't take forever to order; I've got pajamas to coordinate and Tivo to watch.