Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Day

On the day that you turn thirty, it is very pleasant to listen to the Amelie soundtrack. Thank you, Mom! And thank you, Family, for the 30 present extravaganza! And thank you everyone else for all of the calls and messages. I hope to see you all at my party, where my husband will be dishing up some of his gourmet fare, and the rest of us will just be dishing.

Oh, and by the way, Mother's Day brought us a new member of the family. Hoover? I hardly knew 'er. It's all about the Dyson, baby...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A stat, a quip, and some pics

Our bishop announced a few weeks ago that we have the largest Primary in the HISTORY of the WORLD. Over 300 kids. We also have the fastest-growing ward in Utah County, but I'm sure you already assumed that. But seriously, do you really think anyone is going to miss my TWO Primary-aged children when we move? And that is why I am not too broken up about it. They will move on without Mila's awesome talks, I can guarantee it.

The other night, Ethan said, "I don't want to sleep by myself!" I told him that he had lots of doggies to sleep with so he wasn't alone. He immediately protested, "No! It has to be a WOMAN!" I have no comment on that--I just thought it was hilarious.

Lucy and Lane on Easter Sunday

Ethan, Lucy, Mila and Lane, with cousins Kate, Logan, Collin, and Seth in Arizona

Lane and Lucy looking awesome

Lane and Lucy in their Bumbo seats