Friday, February 29, 2008

It's a trilogy!

This is the final Jessica Belmont video. It's longer than the others because it's not the final cut, but I didn't want to leave you hanging. It also stars my friend Brett, who could write a book called "It's All in the Delivery!" (And no, he's not a doctor or mailman.)

I also threw in another car dealership commercial, just for the heck of it. This one aired in Wyoming! Yee-haw!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Rocking my world since February 25, 2003

Allow me to preface this brag by saying that it is my brag, so I can say whatever I want. OK, now having said that, I'd like to go ahead and say that I just might have given birth to one of the cutest, most awesome boy babies on the planet. He was a week overdue and still the doctor wouldn't induce me. When a non-stress test revealed that he was overcooked, they checked me in to the hospital that afternoon. That night, there was a blizzard, so at 3:45 am, after my epiderral had worn off, my doctor was a no-show and Ben and the nurse got to deliver him. (The Dr. was a real jerk about it, too, when he finally did get there, by the way) But he was healthy and beautiful and that's all that mattered to me. My boy baby is five today. He loves Star Wars and his twin sisters and eating. Recently, he decided to take Remy's advice (of Ratatouille fame) and savor two flavors at a time. His favorite? Apples and cheese. Here are some pictures of him from last week as he takes in the magic of those two flavors:

He closed his eyes every time he chewed. I love him!

Here he is with his girls:

And here are some of my other favorite pics of him, just cause:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ETHAN! (Stop getting big, and don't get married...)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

More fun with Jessica Belmont

If you have not yet seen the first Jessica Belmont video, then episode 2 might not make sense. I had a fun time making these. Besides, who doesn't feel like screaming in public places sometimes?

P.S. Does anyone else think I look really pink? Let's blame it on the fact that this is a rough cut. Joseph or Theron, if you're reading this, where's my DVD, buddies?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Things I Do For My Friends...

A while back now, my adorable, talented, amazing friend Matt tagged me to write six little known facts about myself. At least I think that was the assignment. I had already done the "Seven strange things about me" one, so it has taken me a little while to think up more stuff.

1. Maybe you've noticed... For me, they convey just the perfect amount of subtle wit or wry sarcasm. I'm not really an exclamation point girl--too in-your-face. Periods just don't give me enough feeling. I use dashes a lot too--they seem conversational. Oh, and parentheses. They are like funny asides, or secrets between you and me. (I feel like a nerd right now...)

2. I do not wear yellow. I think the picture below is the last time I wore it. Notice the age of my kids! I think it is a gorgeous color, just not so much on me.

3. I had the best job ever from the ages of 15 to 18. My friend Rebecca hooked me up big-time with a cush job recording songs for elementary school kids for Macmillan/Mcgraw Hill School Publishing. We would go to the recording studio for about four to six hours, mostly during the summer, and sing all of these different songs, taking long breaks in between and eating a lot. We recorded many of the songs in different languages--we would just have the words written phonetically. Sometimes, we would get called in to lay down a solo, which was cool because you got paid extra. For whatever reason, I sort of rocked at the Asian solos so that was all I ever ended up doing. Our producers wanted to tell their boss that I was some little Chinese girl named Hai Lee. I was cool with that. I still remember one entire Chinese song and I will sing it for you next time I see you, I promise. But I tell you what, after having a job like that, waiting tables is just not as glamorous as you might think.

4. I had a total of five Norwegian live-in nannies as a kid. Consequently, I can count to ten in Norwegian and probably know some swear words.

5. I ran track and field in high school for two years because it was the easiest sport to letter in. I ran the 100m high hurdles. No, I was not the star of the team, but yes, I got that letter. The next year, my school passed a policy that allowed you to letter in choir and theater. All of those shin splints for nothing!

6. I love hospitals. I went to visit my friend at the hospital last month and this feeling of peace and warmth washed over me as I walked through the doors. I just wanted to check myself in. Granted, I'd had a rough week, but everyone is so helpful and everything is so sterile. And I like hospital food. I hope heaven is kind of like a hospital for just a few days, maybe while you recover from your "journey" from the other side. All my loved ones can come visit and I can eat and rest and read magazines (although probably not Entertainment Weekly.)

OK, so I tag my mom and Mila and Aydan and I think everyone else has done this.

P.S. I did not purposefully delete my family links from the sidebar. Ben did. He was trying to upload a new template for me and he messed everything up, bless his heart. I haven't had the patience or the time to fix it. So don't be offended, family...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Sexy? You're sexy. Shut up!"*

Even though you live at the Law School Library, I'll still let you be my Valentine, I guess...

*This quote is just one of the many reasons I love Ms. Tina Fey.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Things You Do For Your Kids...

I am not a crafty person by nature. I am the type of person who walks into a craft store and starts feeling suffocated by the huge amounts of cute items that are supposed to go together in some awesome way, but I just don't know how! It baffles me. And so I leave the craftiness to my amazing sister-in-laws.

So how in the world did I get this daughter who LOVES to make crafts? She was giddy in the craft store on Saturday, poring over embellishments and exclaiming "Mom, these are soooo cute!!" She got excited over glue dots. I, on the other hand, was having a heart attack. "Please, Mila, hurry and pick out your stuff so we can go to Target!"

She wanted to make homemade Valentines, you see. She does every year, and last year I talked her out of it. "Oh come on, everyone wants candy. Let's just do bags with candy. Done and done." I know. Nice mom, to always encourage her creative endeavors. (Incidentally, my mom found a book I "published" in elementary school and the dedication read:"To my parents, who sometimes support me in my artistic endeavors." Not "always." See? I turned out OK.)

This year, I wasn't so lucky. I bit the bullet, made the trip to the store, spent the money, and then tried to avoid her yesterday, because every time I saw her, she batted her eyelashes and asked sweetly, "Is it time to start making my Valentines?" "Uh, no, I need a nap..." (which I did, to be fair--working in the Nursery could kill a person.)

But nap-time came and went and I found myself out of excuses. So we sat down at the table with all her loot spread out and went to town. We have only made eleven Valentines so far, but I have to admit, I am very proud of us. I am even going to post pictures of them with cheesy captions because this is such a momentous event. (Disclaimer: this is card-making 101 here--please do not suggest that I should give up my day job--I will know you are lying...)

This card-making business has not changed my mind about crafting. I am still just as perplexed as I was before. However, I feel satisfied that my daughter thinks that maybe her mom is cool and crafty, and that's enough for me.

Fancy scrapbooking paper: $.50

Cardboard sparkly hearts and stuff: $2.95

Cardstock cards: $6.95

Making homemade Valentines with your daughter: Priceless

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Humble Request

This goes out to those of you who love to say, "Your hands are full!" May I just suggest spicing it up a bit with a few alternatives? Maybe, when you're tempted to spit out your old standby, you should just bite your tongue and try one of these on for size:

"You are the luckiest woman in the world!"

"How did one person get so many blessings?"

"You are awesome!"

"You are Superwoman!"

"Can I have your autograph?"

That way, when this mom woke up to DiarrheaGate 2008 Part 2 this morning, she could have had all of those lovely thoughts buzzing through her head rather than, "Oh my gosh, my hands are really full, oh wow, they're full..."

Seriously. A little encouragement goes a LONG way...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A few more...

I got these pics off of my sister-in-laws' blogs because I didn't have any of these on my camera.

The whole family--I'm surprised we got this one!

Proud Grandparents--these were hilarious to watch!

Sisters-in-law--I have some of the best!