Saturday, March 06, 2010

Yin and Yang

People are always asking me how the twins' personalities differ from one another. It's difficult to explain using regular adjectives, like "sassy" and "serious." It's easier for me to paint a picture of how they act differently in different situations. For example, tonight we were reading "Beauty and the Beast." Lucy was snuggled up close to my left side, not making a sound, gazing intently at the pictures, her eyes never leaving the page. Lane did not sit down even once. She spent the whole time we read the book jumping from the arm of the couch onto the spot on my right. However, she was still paying attention, as evidenced by when I read Belle's response to the Beast after he told her he wouldn't let her father go. "Take me instead," I read, and Lane yelled, "TAKE ME INSTEAD!" then leapt off the arm of the couch.

What's really cool is to go back and read their blessings (my friend in my ward took them down shorthand, then wrote them out for me) and see how different they are, and how they completely reflect them as individuals. They go around all day doing everything together: dancing, eating, trashing their room, sleeping in the same bed, watching the same shows, and yet they are each entirely their own person. It's fascinating, and I'm completely thrilled to have a front row ticket to the show.

Lucy and Lane, Blessing Day

Lane and Lucy