Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rabbit Hole

So, I'm in a play. And it is, in fact, called Rabbit Hole. It's about a couple dealing with their grief over the death of their four year old son. I know. It's so not a comedy. However, it IS a Pulitzer Prize winning play and it is, needless to say, pretty intense. Having said all that, you should come on out for an uplifting night of theater! But seriously, I don't think it's all that depressing and I think it's an incredibly realistic depiction of the different ways that people deal with loss. Although it's been kicking my bootay, I always love a challenge and I get to share the stage with my good friends Chris and Jenny. Another reason I like this play? The characters are eating various baked goods in EVERY scene (which is totally how I would grieve, let's be honest.) But the Broadway actors must have gained 40 lbs. during the run.

Anyway, you should come see it, if you dare. We perform May 1, 2 and 3 in the UVSC BlackBox Theater at 7:30 pm. The best part? It's FREE! (My director, Alex Ungerman, said we weren't supposed to say that because you might think free things mean crappy things, but trust me on this one. It's worth it just to see Chris Clark act-a rare treat!)

P.S. I love this song right now and I think it fits the theme of the play, don't you? (If you think that I pick specific songs to match my blog posts, then you are absolutely right and you win a prize.)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Revisiting Dante's Seventh Circle of You Know What

Yes, I am a goodie-two-shoes, I admit it! I always play by the rules and I always have. It frustrates me to no end when others don't. And yes, I am one of those people who yells at people in my car. It's a weakness-- I'm working on it. But those two characteristics combined? Bad news. I should not be allowed to take kids to school. Remember this?

Well, now the school's different, but it's the same old rules. And there are the same old rule-breakers. Just let it be said: if I have been waiting patiently for ten minutes in the correct (and only) line to drop my kid off, don't you DARE cruise in at 50 mph and cut right in front of me and everyone else and just let your kid off like it's nobody's business. When you see us all waiting there, I'm not real sure why it suddenly occurs to you that you have some magical golden ticket that justifies you swerving to the front of the line ahead of 20 other cars! Please don't look so surprised when I'm screaming at you from my car--I have good reason! I mean, it's not like I planned ahead and spent fifteen extra minutes loading up five children in a van so we could be on time. Oh, wait a minute. Yes I did! But maybe your kid will be late! Oh no! In that case, GET UP EARLIER IN THE MORNING, LADY!

And to you Dad guy, pulling all sorts of crazy stuff, I will let it go this time, but only because you are a man and you are absolutely clueless. Oy-vay.

You people who live close enough to let your kids walk or far enough away so that they take the bus--you have NO idea how lucky you are!

I'm going to go put myself in a time-out now...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Day in the Life of LuLa

Hi--Lucy and Lane here! We've had some people ask us what it's like to live the fabulous life of a twin, so we thought we'd describe our typical day for you. First, we get up around 6:30 or so. Mom likes to sleep in, so we talk and giggle for about an hour until she comes and gets us. Ethan often comes in and plays with us, and by plays with us, we mean that he tosses all sorts of random things in our cribs and then makes weird, loud noises to make us laugh. Sometimes, Mom gets mad at him for that because she is clearly trying to get one more hour of sleep. Here are some pictures of our "crib(s)" (Get it? Ha ha):

At breakfast, we eat bananas. I think we have a three years' supply of bananas in our house at any given time. We are addicted to them. We eat other stuff, too, but there had better be BANANAS!

After breakfast, we like to tear up the house a little bit. That is pretty much our full-time job, so we take it seriously. Here are some pictures of us messing stuff up:

We also like to practice our walking. We're pretty much awesome at it now. Crawling is so 15 months.

When Mom gets us dressed, she makes us wear coordinating outfits. I guess this is payback for the grief we gave her in the womb. Our hair is getting long and Mom says we look "homeless," so she experiments with strange hairdos!

Now that it is getting warmer, we LOVE to go outside whenever we can. Sometimes, when we get tired of walking, we just cruise around the park in a pick-up truck.

On occasion, we have to attend really fancy events, like church on Easter Sunday, so we get all dressed up. But we HATE taking posed pictures with Mila and Ethan so we are kind of bratty about it. But just for the record, Mila and Ethan are NOT the best examples of kids excited to take pictures.

We love it when bedtime finally rolls around, because we get to brush our teeth. For whatever reason, we think brushing our teeth RULES! After we get our pjs on, we just sit back and chillax after our long day.

So, that's pretty much what our days are like. We know it must seem glamorous, but to us, it's pretty normal. We're just Lucy and Lane from the block, keepin' it real, in da house! Peace out...