Monday, March 30, 2009


I have lots of twins out there in the world. When someone tells me that I look exactly like their cousin or old neighbor or college roommate, I just say, "I must have one of those faces..."

My celebrity twins, according to my friends and family:

My mom came home after seeing "The Man In The Moon" in 1991 and told me that there was a girl in it who looked just like me. It turns out that girl was Reese Witherspoon. After seeing "Walk the Line," my friend called me and said "It's not like you look identical, but she has your mannerisms." I did a play when I had long blond hair and every night, some one would say after the show, "Has anyone ever told you you look like..." and I finished their sentence. So yeah, that is so not my chin, but there must be something there.

Mireille Enos went to BYU before me. When I had red hair during three of my years there, everyone assumed I was her little sister. One time, a guy who had just got off his mission in one of my classes thought I actually WAS her and thought I/she was rude for not hugging him after all these years. At an acting competition just last month, a guy I had just performed with in the Syd Riggs show asked my friend why I was one of the judges for the competition. I ran into a girl I know at the gym and she said "Wow, I actually had to check the credits after 'Big Love' last night to make sure it wasn't you!" So yeah.

Alexis Grace. I don't watch American Idol, but the day after she was on that show, I received lots of messages about my identical twin. I have never seen her except for in pictures, so I'm not sure what the deal is.

My friend Maclain called me after watching "Bonnie and Clyde" and said, "Hi, Faye." He swears I am her, young again. A professor of mine at BYU had said the same thing, so I guess she makes the cut.

Babs Bunny. So only one person has ever said she was my twin--my friend in high school said I looked EXACTLY like her. I was mystified, and a little flattered. OK, so it's the teeth! I'm not an idiot!

So who gets your vote? Obviously, this is not a perfect science. Other people I have been told I look like are Angelina Jolie (that was during Little Women so it must have been the long dark braid) and Martina Hingis, the tennis player. That was my brother-in-law. Nice.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey Morning People!

I am so glad that I didn't write a blog last night. Last night, I would have blogged about how tired I was of blogging and how I didn't really want to read your blog any more and hear about all of the wonderful, amazing, organized, well-balanced things you were accomplishing in your life. And how I didn't want to read that because my world was unorganized, messy, unbalanced, and constantly filled with the background noise of two toddlers who cry most of the day and most of the night. I would have blogged about these sorts of things because I would have completely forgotten that at night I am a crazy person of sorts. I am tired, grouchy, and overwhelmed, and I make overly dramatic statements to my husband like "I am a failure!" and "Don't give up on me please!" And he smiles because he knows I'm a crazy-mess-at-night person. And then we watch our shows together on the couch because that is pretty much the highest level I can function at.

So this is why I have a nightly mantra, and I must recite it to myself constantly, sometimes maybe 300 times. "Tomorrow is another day..." It gets me through to tomorrow, which is today...

...and I love today! Today, Lucy woke me up screaming at 6, but I decided to get up and clean my kitchen and hang out with Ethan and do laundry and be all around pleasant. Gone was the doom and gloom of last night, banished to a dark place. Today, I could get on the computer and your blog was sunny and funny and you looked so pretty and said the wittiest things! The morning me is where it's at.

So mostly, I write this to remind myself that I don't hate blogging and I don't hate you and life is actually pretty good. And I need to never blog at night. Unless my house is clean. Or I am lying on a beach in Hawaii.

What about you? Any fellow morning-ers out there? And if you are a morning monster, please forgive me, because you surely hate me right now. But just do me a favor--walk away from the computer and come back and read this at night.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday Musings

Why does the weather tease me? It's supposed to be 54 degrees today and 58 degrees tomorrow. Is that some kind of sick joke? We all know that we're going to be dumped on again by the end of the month. Just you wait and see. Why you gotta be like that, weather?

I'm still totally psyched that I got 4 dresses for $100 on clearance at Layers Clothing. I got the Margo, Portia, Beverly, and Jane, and could have done more damage if they had the dang Billie or Trixie in my size. And those pencil skirts with a ruffle? Be still my beating heart. If only I had heard about the sale sooner.

Speaking of pencil skirts, I love a good pencil skirt. And I found my favorite one at Newport News. They have some really cheesy stuff, but boy, do they make a nice black pencil skirt. I may have ordered one in navy blue AND taupe for spring.

Why am I so tempted to make Monday my own personal day of rest? Is it maybe because I usually have 4000 things to do on Sunday and so Monday feels like a vacation from the weekend? I think maybe so...

I made chocolate-covered strawberries last night. I also made them last Sunday. I might just make them again next Sunday. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

Should I be concerned that when I went into the twins' room this morning, both girls had removed their pjs and Lucy had gone the extra mile by taking off her diaper as well? Is this going to be a daily trend? Is this their way of punishing me for leaving them in their cribs to play until I get Mila off to school? Luckily, there was no poo involved.

Lately, every single time I go to type an apostrophe, I type a semi-colon instead. I already had to fix all of them in this post. It is getting really old and annoying. My friend Brett suggested maybe it has to do with having small hands. But I have never had this problem before. Are my fingers shrinking?

Mila finds out what part she got in The Tempest today. I found out what part I got in As You Like It on Friday (Celia). Isn't that kind of fun?

How come the contestants of The Amazing Race always go to Romania, Russia, and France when Ben and I aren't on the show? Do you know how cool we'd look? Well, actually not me, because my French isn't that awesome. But I wish I could have put Ben in the TV last night when they were in Bucharest, although they really didn't have to talk to any Romanians. He is really hot when he speaks Romanian.

I decided not to wash my hair today because I didn't feel like it, and now I think maybe that was a mistake.

On Battlestar Galactica on Friday night, do you think that piano guy was Kara's dad? I mean, not actually her dad, but some vision of him? Because he kind of looked like the guy on the 8-track or whatever and he was clearly not there when they showed her with other people. Interesting...

I love/hate yoga. I haven't been in over a month. I miss it but I don't. At all.

Ever since Ethan turned 6 last week, I've been trying to remember what he looked like when he was 2, and I just keep picturing my little brother Clayton when HE was 2. I had to look up pictures. Here's what I found:

I need to go squeeze my babies now...