Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photography 101

SOOC means "straight out of camera." That's just one of the neat things I learned in my photography class, taught by the seriously amazing Lesley. I now find the following things coming out of my mouth: "Wow, nice bokeh," "Did you bump up your ISO to get that shot?" and "Try f-stop 4, 1/125 shutter speed." Seriously, it's off the chizzain.

Here are a sampling of photos I've taken since starting the class (some were for specific assignments), but keep in mind that it's the first time I've ever shot manually, so be nice... And while I'm not planning on going into business any time soon, it's nice to get some decent shots of my kids and friends, I must say!

Ethan, leaping off a hippo

Ethan, in motion

Lucy, backlit

Mila, front lit

Conservatory Garden, Central Park

You can see me in the golden egg!


Shayla, at Bethesda Fountain

Jessica and Jake and a voyeur
Belly Silhouette!
Kimberly's Key Lime Blackberry Pie

Ethan at the Met, in reaction to naked men statues