Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obsessed Much?

I deleted my last post per request of someone close to me, but if you want to talk about it any more, feel free to e-mail or FB me.

The other morning, when I was in the shower and thinking of random things as I often do, I thought about how I might answer the question: "What do you obsess over?"

I know what I would NOT say. Not exercise. Not cleaning. Not scrap-booking. Not crafting. Not sports. Not pets. Not money, really. Not sleep (shut up, Ben, I am much better now.) Not my husband. That last one sounds bad, but while I like my husband a whole lot, I am not obsessed with him (don't even tell me you don't know at least one woman who stalks her own husband, because they are totally out there.)

I would have to say I do obsess over the following:

1) My kids. I am around them all the time and they rock my Cheerio-scattered, diaper-infested, laundry-covered, papers-piled everywhere world. They are my full-time with double over-time job. They drive me crazy and I drive them crazy. I want them to grow to be respectful, honest, sympathetic people and so they would probably say things like "I have the meanest mom in the neighborhood," but I take that as a compliment, thank you very much.

2) Food. As I write this, my mouth is watering over the medium-sized pomegranate and original swirled frozen yogurt topped with strawberries and mangoes I had this morning. I have been known to call Rachel and say things like, "I love ham so much I want to marry it."All my best friends share my obsession with food (including my husband,) and I don't think I could be in better company. Funny thing is, I'm not so much a cook. But my husband is. So life is good.

3) TV/Tivo. I think about my stories while I'm doing dishes. Knowing that I have TV night at a friend's house to look forward to at the end of the day is sometimes all I need to pull through. My favorite thing to do with Ben is sit on either end of the couch on Thursday nights under a blanket to watch Pam and Jim and Jack and Liz. What could be better? I will occasionally read crazy TV gossip websites and some of my friends started a TV blog, which makes me oh so happy. Once again, I have actually acquired friendships through conversations about TV. If you don't believe me, ask my friend Jenny about the first time we met and she'll tell you we talked about a certain lad named Blake who could do a certain straightleg-kick-somersault on a certain summer dance competition show. Or talk to Annette, whose porch I stood and chatted on during the glory days of Alias. The writers' strike was a dark time for some of us. We'd call each other and discuss the weather, of all things. And why did they have to do it during the winter, of all times?

4)Target. Red and white until I die. I am so happy there, and I make my kids be happy there, too, with suckers! And if they're not happy, I ignore them and get carried away into a lovely land of cute, cheap clothes and awesome shoes and must-have holiday decorations. I have not gone into a Wal-Mart in months, and I don't plan on returning any time soon. I am nothing if not loyal. Plus, Wal-Mart really bites and I cry with my kids there.

Your turn...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

October Recap

Since October is long over and I am slowly coming out of a sugar-induced coma, what better time to post pictures of last month's festivities?

Not really Halloween-related, but here is a cool picture of Andrew, Mila, Emma, and Ethan up at Snowbird

Lane, enjoying the fall leaves

Because I'm such an awesome mom, I drove my kids all the way to Hee-Haw Farms on a day they were out of school. Because I thought I was so awesome, I was punished by the Halloween gods because Hee-Haw Farms was closed that day...

We DID make it to Cornbelly's however--I love this pic of Lucy on the train

Halloween night--my little "Laney-bug"

And then there's, um, a "Lucyfly?" Maybe not. She was a butterfly, OK?

Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, pictured here with an invisible light saber (also with his Jedi pants falling down, but whatever)

Ms. Mila as a sassy black cat

Lucy caught on to the trick-or-treating racket pretty fast--here she is, counting the spoils

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hello, November!

We're a little giddy over here--how are things in your neck of the woods?

P.S. Taking two babies trick-or-treating seemed like an awesome way to beat the system and get twice as much candy for me (I showed you, suckas!) But now that Halloween's over and I still have shloads of candy to consume, my body has to keep reminding my brain that I'm no longer five.

Monday, November 03, 2008

This just in

For Family Night tonight, Ben was at school and Mila taught the lesson. She quoted something from the Proclamation on the Family, and so I took the opportunity to touch on the part of that document that pertains to marriage. After I explained a little bit about the importance of children having both a mother and a father, Mila said,

"Yes, also because the mother has to have the baby and the father is necessary because he has to fertilize the egg."

"Um, where did you learn that?"

"Well, I watched this Magic School Bus episode about chickens once and so I just assumed it was the same with humans. That was my hypothesis, anyway."

I swear to you, I do not make this stuff up. It looks like we will be having that "talk" sooner rather than later. At least half the work has already been done for me. Oy vay, chickens? Magic School Bus? Really?

Good stuff

I'm kind of a strict mom, I guess. In our house, the "f" word is "fat," the "s" word is "stupid," and the "d" word is "dumb." It makes reading Junie B. Jones books out loud a real challenge (I just act as a human ClearPlay.) We also have a ban on "real" swear words, even though Ben and I get busted for "crap" like every day. But sometimes, you have to express yourself about something (believe me, I know) and so I have to give my kids points for creativity. Ethan's expletive of choice is "Oh, Peanuts!" It's cute, but sometimes I cringe when he says it in public because I know what he's saying, but you know?

Mila's expression of choice? "Oh, Snap!"

So, I couldn't resist this $5 find at Old Navy today:

I may have also purchased these slippers, but are you kidding me? I'll wear these bad boys all day long all winter long (I'm wearing them right now):

After going to Old Navy, Ethan and I got Red Mango because we love it--it is our "hot date" locale of choice! (Did anyone else have "hot dates" with their parents growing up? What the? Why did we call it that? Mom? I don't call it that with my kids, btw, I only did here. Crazy non-politically correct 1980's...) Anyway, Ethan gets original with strawberries and I get whatever, as long as it's medium and has mangoes! Sometimes we share with the twins, and sometimes we don't. Depends on our mood and how hungry we are. (He chooses it over getting a Happy Meal--the kid is so 2008.)

I also watched this just now and it made my day. Talk about cheap thrills! Ben is going to love it, especially when it shows the black and white footage of the lady not being able to use her phone AND a blanket! Oh, the horror! I think they all look like a crazy cult or Masons group. So awesome. Thanks for posting it, Jenny, my dear!

Finally, The Book Thief is being made into a movie, of course--total no-brainer. On, it says 2010, but gives no other info. Who do you think should be cast?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go put on my Snuggie so I can watch The Amazing Race and eat Halloween candy! (Only one of those things was a lie.)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

This Morning

7:20: I open my eyes and look at the alarm clock. I think, "Got to get up and get ready for church..."

7:45: I open my eyes again. "Oh no, we have to leave in one hour--we'll never make it..."

7:56: I get out of bed and walk to Mila's room. She is awake already, reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I sit on her bed.

Mila: It's 8:57, Mom.

Me: Huh? (I look at her clock. It says 8:57.)

Mila: It's Daylight Savings.

Me: Ohhhh, but you're supposed to move your clock an hour backward not forward, which makes it...6:57! Later!

6:57: I run back to my room. Ben has turned on the light and is heading towards the bathroom. I turn off the light.

Ben: What are you doing?

Me: I forgot it was Daylight Savings! We can go back to bed!

6:58: We both jump back in bed. I can hear the girls in the room next to us begin to stir, then talk, then jump up and down in their cribs. But I don't even go in there for another 10 minutes.

8:50: We arrive at church ten minutes early. Yes! It's about time Daylight Savings showed me some love.