Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ugly is a Funny Word

Last night, on the way from Penn Station to the subway platform at 34th St., a less-than-fully-sane looking woman stepped into our path:

Woman: Won't you wish me a Happy Valentine's Day?

Ben: No, thank you.

Woman: You are very ugly, and you don't get no candy!

Ben: (after we got on the train) That was hurtful.

On the ride home, we replayed the scenario with different outcomes. What if Ben had turned around at that point and said, "Well, in that case, Happy Valentine's Day! Are you telling me you actually have candy to give me?" I guess we will never know.

The moral of the story is, when traveling by subway, bring your thick skin and a can of crazy repellent.

(I must add, this reminds me of an experience that is forever etched in my memory. I was about 6 and my sister was 3 and we were in the bank, waiting for my mom. We were swinging on the bars near the front door, and a plus-sized African-American woman walked by. Brinna stage whispered to me, "Hailey! That is the fattest woman I ever saw!" Before I could even blink, the woman turned around, stuck her finger in my terrified sister's face and yelled, "Oh yeah? Well, you the UGLIEST girl I EVER saw!" And then she walked away. To this day, any time I do my impression of that woman, it makes me happy to no end.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lisa's Special Day

Photos taken by the lovely Justin Hackworth

This post is dedicated to my favorite Valentine, Lisa (I can say that without sounding creepy because her actual maiden name is Valentine.) For Valentine's Day, she has, not one, but two awesome blog posts about the day of hearts. I feel honored to be mentioned in one of them, and in reference to chocolate, to boot! Oh happy day!

And while we're on the subject of Lisa, I think you should know that she is the MOST brilliant comedienne I have ever seen. I have cried tears from laughing so hard at her onstage antics. She could give Amy, Kristen, and Tina a run for their money, yet she chooses to be the go-to woman for her five amazing kids, and for that, she deserves a major shout-out. After all, V also stands for "validation" (am I right?)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Ben and I are off to a Spurs/Nets game tonight in NJ, and so, as Gloria says on Modern Family, "I ween! I ween!"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump

If your name is Rachel, and you have begged for more pictures, this post is for you. If your name is "I-hate-posts-with-only-pictures," then that's too bad because 2011 is all about being Hailey, and I like pictures. A LOT. Happy Valentine's Day!

The view from Ben's office.

Our bedroom.

This is a rare sight, indeed.

So is this. Cutie babysitter.

The Sunday before Christmas.

Ethan's loot. Both Santa and the Owl Post came! There were even owl feathers around the room...

Property of Mila.

For the twins!

Our little tree. My drama kids asked me if it was a "joke Christmas tree."

Central Park after one of the blizzards.

Our street after one of the blizzards.

Lane, in ballet class. I just love watching them try to make the positions. Cutie!

Lucy and Lane and I went to the Manhattan Childrens' Museum. We should have just gone straight to the sand area. They could have stayed here all day.


This place is up on 112th, on the way to pre-school. If you instantly recognize it, then you were probably born before 1980.

Dressing up on the snow day, with the exception of Ethan, who frequently dresses down.

Later, for the snow day, we headed to a neighbor's "backyard" to build snow forts.



The snowball fight was pretty awesome.

There are a TON of little girls in our ward. The twins' social calendar is booked! This is Lane at Ella's fairy birthday party.

Lucy and Ella dancing.

The day after the snow day, Mila and I were walking down Broadway. We saw about five of these guys!

Ethan had to write a nonfiction book about a subject he was an expert in. He chose to write about life with twin sisters. This was at his publishing party.

Elephant trunks!

I had to go get Ethan's cub scout stuff...in the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!

At a Valentine cookie decorating party.

Lane takes cookie decorating very seriously.

I thought you might want to know what my "happy place" looks like out here.

An invitation to Ethan's Harry Potter birthday party.

The inside...

For Activity Days, the girls made pink Rice Krispie treat hearts decorated with white chocolate and candy (this one is wrapped in red cellophane.)

Ben, eating the giant heart.

These last three pictures were taken with the Retro Camera app.

They pretend to like each other to humor me.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Love Mix

Today, I have a guest post over at Today's Mama. My very classy, clever friend Carina, otherwise known as Azucar, asked me to contribute, and since I like her AND I like music, I obliged. Now, I am the first to admit, I don't have the refined taste in music that some of my other friends have, and I don't claim to be a mix expert. As previously stated, I leave that to the experts. But, I do have lots of love songs that make me giddy, and so I went from there.

After looking at my list last night, Ben said, "Maybe your theme should have been, 'Songs that remind me of the person I love,'" and I told him that, while it was a great idea, it would have to wait until next time. But, in case you were wondering, that mix would include Matthew Sweet's "Almost Forgot" and Faith No More's "I'm Easy." And I did include one song just for Ben, because let's be honest, who else in the world listens to Anne Murray but Ben and I? Anyone?