Sunday, December 06, 2009

Just watch the kid's nose!

Ben said he was sick of getting grossed out by Bret's bloody stump every time he clicked on my blog and so I had to post something. Since I can barely get myself or my children dressed these days, let alone write a complete thought, I give you Ethan, warming up for his hapkido test. It's unfortunate that there is a guy's arm in my way a lot, but it is worth it to see that my son is awesome at breathing in. I think it's his special talent. I tried to do it at home and almost passed out. He did it EVERY TIME.

P.S. Is it bad to laugh at your child during his hapkido test? I don't know the martial arts rules. When I showed up to drop him off for the test, I asked his instructor if parents needed to stay, and he looked at me weird and said, "It IS a test." As if that answers anything? I just stared at him back and mumbled, "This is new to me...I'm an actress...," hoping that would explain it. I could have used my old standby, "I have twins..." but it didn't seem to fit in the context. Oh well, NOW I know that a hapkido test is like a recital. And I would never miss one anyway, because they're AWESOME! Serious comedy hour. Plus, he's a yellow belt now--skillz!