Saturday, October 24, 2009

I would totally take Passion over Compassion

So, for the last I don't know how many months, Ethan has said the following words verbatim in every prayer:

"Please bless that we will treat others how they want to be treated, and show love and kindness and passion and love."

I could correct him, I suppose, but I probably never will.

For Mimi

Yeah, I'm the worst blogger, so what? The time just goes by way too quickly. WAY TOO QUICKLY. This video is for my mom. It features Mila, who is now 9, when she was about the same age as the twins are now. She's singing "Hush You Bye," a song that my mom sang to us as kids, and that is now a favorite bedtime song in my house as well. One time, the X-Files had an episode that revolved around the creepiest version of "Hush You Bye" that I have ever heard and I was extremely disturbed. But this version shouldn't give you any nightmares, unless you're the kind of person that has nightmares about ADORABLE TWO-YEAR OLDS.

P.S. If you smooshed a Lucy and a Lane together, you would get a little Mila.

Monday, October 05, 2009

le octobre

October is awesome for a number of reasons. But today, I highlight just a few:

**I am still giddy from the awesomeness of Elder Holland's public speaking. I felt like my couch caught fire or something. I met him before he was an apostle, when he spoke at our Stake Conference in La Verne, CA. And when I say met him, I actually mean that I bumped into him as he was exiting the building. He then grabbed my face with both hands (in a very loving way) and said something that I'll keep to myself, but it was very nice and instantly endeared me to him forever. So yeah, one of my favorites, for sure. Love the Conference.

**I have been much more enamored with the mountains this year than any year previous. I want to shout at everyone I see, "Do you even REALIZE how lucky we are here? To walk outside and BAM!" I'm pretty sure it's because my love affair with Provo is in for some bumpy times ahead, as we will be making the move to...somewhere else. No, really, we don't know where that will be yet. But the thought of it is enough to bring me to tears every time I stand in my front yard and see this:

I mean, COME ON! I live ON a mountain!

**Not only do I get to be in a Halloween-y show this year, which is awesome in and of itself, but October brings all of the rest of the joy that is Halloween. So far, we've indulged in decorating pumpkin cookies (with black frosting, no less), playing late night games of Werewolf (suitable for the season, no?) and updating our Halloween playlist (with help from my friend Kacy.)

This is, in my opinion, an extremely cheesily staged promo pic, but I promise the show is good!

SCARY! Well, maybe you have to be there...

Lucy went with orange...

...while Lane opted for the black.

My older kids are so over cookies, apparently...

Seriously, what do you have to do to generate a little festive excitement around here?

We still have plenty to look forward to, including a visit from my mom and Aydan, a visit from my dad and Janine, a Jones family reunion, a production of Frankenstein put on by my friends, and plenty more Halloween festivities! But at the moment, I will blast "Jai Ho" from my computer while tackling the dishes left over from our Thanksgiving dry run yesterday, which might just need to be a new Conference tradition (especially since all I did was make the rolls.)

P.S. Be sure to catch Oprah on Wed., Oct. 7th, as one of Provo's own will be a guest!