Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Man is a Giddy Thing," or How I learned to Stop Worrying about Facial Hair and Love the Moustache

Man is indeed a giddy thing, as I learned while performing "Much Ado." We immersed ourselves in giddiness, and so here's to chocolate fondue, Guitar Hero, Mambo Italiano, sock mints, dirt cake, improv games, dancing girls, uncomfortable words, awkward moments, girl talk, good stories, smelling salts, stage slaps, stage giggles, bad hair nights, bad hairpieces, bad moustaches, laughter, Amore, and above all else, friends.

"And this is my conclusion..."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The following conversations took place within the last 24 hours:

Mila: Mom is so good at reading minds.

Ben: What do you mean?

Mila: I was pretending to have a water bottle stuck to my face and she knew I was just pretending.

Ben: Wow.

Mila: That is ONE smart lady!


Mila: Why do you and Mom stay up and have dates watching tv after we go to bed?

Ben: Because we love each other and like to spend time together.

Mila: Love makes you do CRAZY things!

(That it does, Mila, that it does)

Mad me: Mila, you forgot your backpack!? I guess we have to turn around! You need to remember your own stuff! I can't do it for you every day!

A few minutes pass...

More calm me: OK, you stay here and I will run in and get your backpack, ok?

Mila: Mom, did you let go of the anger?

(Uh-huh, yes, of course--wha??)

There. Just a little glimpse. Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

By my troth, I am exceeding ill: heigh-ho!

I told the girls in my cast two weeks ago that I wanted to write a blog with this title because I felt pretty sick then. This is one of my lines in the play, even though I just realized I've been saying it wrong all along because I didn't even know I was supposed to say, "By my troth," which is a shame because we all love saying that expression and agree that it's fun to say like, "Troth, no!" or "Troth, yeah!" instead of say, "Heck, no!" But I digress...

So, now I am sick for reals. I actually have a bonafide condition! Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life, I have strep throat! My throat started hurting on Tuesday and last night at about 4 am, I could barely sleep because of the pain. I went to the doctor this morning and when he walked in, the first thing I said was, "I feel so silly that I'm here because of a sore throat but I'm in this show you see..." and then I kept talking and talking which is something I do a bit too much when I'm in an uncomfortable situation. Well, once I stopped talking for two seconds he looked in my mouth and said, "Well, it doesn't look like strep." Then I really did feel silly. So Ethan and I waited for about ten minutes while they tested the culture and Ethan ate about thirty sour raspberry Altoids from my purse while I sat there feeling mad that I had wasted $20. The doctor returned and said, "Well this is why we do cultures. I would have sworn that there was no strep, but you tested positive!" At which point, I of course observed," Yeah, I knew it wasn't just a regular sore throat!" Then, as he was telling me about serious stuff that strep can do to you if it's not caught, Ethan started throwing pennies out of my purse at him. The funniest part was that he didn't even flinch as the pennies kept hitting him. "I have three kids," he deadpanned. I liked him a lot at that point. Finally, he told me I could get a shot of penicillin today or take it in pill form for the next ten days. I asked, "Where does the shot go?" "In the upper buttock." Hee hee. That's why I could never be a doctor. I couldn't say things like that dead-pan. I decided to take the shot. The nurse came back in to give it to me and Ethan held my hand and said, "Don't be scared, Mom," then promptly ditched the bedside manner to go check out the Bugs Bunny band-aid I received. Then we had to stay there for another ten minutes to make sure I didn't have a bad reaction to the shot. I asked the nurse what would happen if I did have a reaction and she simply said, "You'll know!" Uh, thanks! But I didn't feel bad at all. In fact, I could actually feel the drugs coursing through my veins and it was nice. So, I'm feeling good about the "shot-in-the-bum" decision right now. After the doctor's, Ethan and I went to the store to get Ibuprofen, ice cream, popsicles, and donuts. And I will be eating those today and watching my stories. Because, you see, I have a condition...

Oh, and by the way, despite all illnesses, the show is going really well and here are some links to our glowing reviews, in case you are bored and are looking for more mindless stuff to read on the internet.