Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Man is a Giddy Thing," or How I learned to Stop Worrying about Facial Hair and Love the Moustache

Man is indeed a giddy thing, as I learned while performing "Much Ado." We immersed ourselves in giddiness, and so here's to chocolate fondue, Guitar Hero, Mambo Italiano, sock mints, dirt cake, improv games, dancing girls, uncomfortable words, awkward moments, girl talk, good stories, smelling salts, stage slaps, stage giggles, bad hair nights, bad hairpieces, bad moustaches, laughter, Amore, and above all else, friends.

"And this is my conclusion..."


Shawn said...

Great pictures, and an amazing play!

Kudos to the director, and all who took part----it was delightful!

...especially you, Hailey...you do a Mom proud...
and even though it sounds kind of sappy...I love you so very much and am so proud of your accomplishments...


...and I miss you already... :(

Anonymous said...

Wahhh....bad Hairpieces.
I love you Hailey!
I never, alas, learned how to love the moustache.

Unknown said...

It was a challenge to get there but once we did, I think it turned out pretty darn well.

Who knows when we'll act in a play again? I'm glad we went out with a bang. This was a one of a kind experience. And thanks for that.