Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You asked for it (albeit three months ago...)

For those of you who know that my twins are five weeks old today, this post is so past due. However, I'm a little slow these days. Just give me credit for coming through, even if I'm a few months behind!

The first pic was taken in early November, I believe. The second was taken the morning of the day I gave birth, in between five minute contractions. "Hurry! Take a picture!" I yelled at Ben frantically, "I promised people!" Right after that, we were en route to the hospital. Am I devoted to my peeps or what?


Bek said...

I am a friend of Lisa's. Wow!! You look great. I am sure you didn't feel tiny, but for twins especially you don't look ready to go! Glad you posted pictures. Lisa has told me a bit about the babies.... so fun. Many of my friends here had multiples..their advice (which I am sure you have heard before..) TWIN CLUB!!! :-)

Betina said...

Hey Hailey,
You looked great, even pregnant with twins.