Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday Musings

Why does the weather tease me? It's supposed to be 54 degrees today and 58 degrees tomorrow. Is that some kind of sick joke? We all know that we're going to be dumped on again by the end of the month. Just you wait and see. Why you gotta be like that, weather?

I'm still totally psyched that I got 4 dresses for $100 on clearance at Layers Clothing. I got the Margo, Portia, Beverly, and Jane, and could have done more damage if they had the dang Billie or Trixie in my size. And those pencil skirts with a ruffle? Be still my beating heart. If only I had heard about the sale sooner.

Speaking of pencil skirts, I love a good pencil skirt. And I found my favorite one at Newport News. They have some really cheesy stuff, but boy, do they make a nice black pencil skirt. I may have ordered one in navy blue AND taupe for spring.

Why am I so tempted to make Monday my own personal day of rest? Is it maybe because I usually have 4000 things to do on Sunday and so Monday feels like a vacation from the weekend? I think maybe so...

I made chocolate-covered strawberries last night. I also made them last Sunday. I might just make them again next Sunday. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

Should I be concerned that when I went into the twins' room this morning, both girls had removed their pjs and Lucy had gone the extra mile by taking off her diaper as well? Is this going to be a daily trend? Is this their way of punishing me for leaving them in their cribs to play until I get Mila off to school? Luckily, there was no poo involved.

Lately, every single time I go to type an apostrophe, I type a semi-colon instead. I already had to fix all of them in this post. It is getting really old and annoying. My friend Brett suggested maybe it has to do with having small hands. But I have never had this problem before. Are my fingers shrinking?

Mila finds out what part she got in The Tempest today. I found out what part I got in As You Like It on Friday (Celia). Isn't that kind of fun?

How come the contestants of The Amazing Race always go to Romania, Russia, and France when Ben and I aren't on the show? Do you know how cool we'd look? Well, actually not me, because my French isn't that awesome. But I wish I could have put Ben in the TV last night when they were in Bucharest, although they really didn't have to talk to any Romanians. He is really hot when he speaks Romanian.

I decided not to wash my hair today because I didn't feel like it, and now I think maybe that was a mistake.

On Battlestar Galactica on Friday night, do you think that piano guy was Kara's dad? I mean, not actually her dad, but some vision of him? Because he kind of looked like the guy on the 8-track or whatever and he was clearly not there when they showed her with other people. Interesting...

I love/hate yoga. I haven't been in over a month. I miss it but I don't. At all.

Ever since Ethan turned 6 last week, I've been trying to remember what he looked like when he was 2, and I just keep picturing my little brother Clayton when HE was 2. I had to look up pictures. Here's what I found:

I need to go squeeze my babies now...


Michelle Catherine Walker said...

I didn't wash my hair either. It's ok.

Kristen said...

Ok, I swear I have a pic of Lily making that same pose as mila with the head to the side. Seriously! I saw As You Like It movie a few years ago, the one with Bryce Dallas Howard. It was really cute and funny. That'll be a fun one for ya.

erin said...

Such a good find on the dresses! I'm going to check that store out. And, I really want some chocolate covered stawberrys now. mmmm..

Mandee said...

Dear Hailey,

So I need you to either respond to my comment via comment, or email me-

I also bought the Margo and the Beverly.

I wore the Beverly to church yesterday, but only made it through sacrament meeting because that dress has major issues when it comes to the bottom half and sitting down. Is it just my actual dress, or is it yours too? By the end of the meeting, after having my 2 year old constantly on and off my lap, I went home to change. I refused to wrestle with it for 2 more hours.

So then I went home, and put on the Margo- decided to do a test run by sitting down on my couch- same thing. Couldn't keep the skirt closed.

Help? Do I return them? Or do you have a secret to making them work. Because they are really cute dresses... until you sit down.


Mandee said...

Also, your bigs kids were so cute when they were little. They will be graduating from high school before you know it. It's sad.

Annette said...

My hair's in a crappy pony tail right now 'cause it's a snow day and we didn't go anywhere. It's March 2nd...and 20 degrees out. Please.

Jenni said...

I'm still in my gym clothes and haven't showered yet...and it's 4pm...whoops! LOVE those cute you! Wish I could squeeze my big prego belly in those...they should create a maternity line!

Shawn said...

Ok, so the pics of the kids made me cry.


Dang---those kids are cute! And I am still upset that I didn't get a big goodbye hug from Ethan... Sigh.


And I bought those two pencil skirts.

We can be twins in July, K?

Katie said...

Hailey! It's me your long lost cousin! Guess what? I love reading your blog. You are seriously hilarious! visit my new blog:

Betina said...

I love those clothing sites. Any more suggestions? Thanks for sharing those. I think I will go shopping after I lose a few of these baby rolls.

k8shoe said...

I bought the Layers maroon pencil skirt with the ruffle but have yet to wear it. I still am unsure if I can pull it off. I should just give it to you.

Anonymous said...

I do the comma, oops apostrophe mistake all the time too. Maybe it's hereditary.

Beeswax said...

Ok so we are totally in for the play. What night will it be? How do we get tickets?

Jewels said...

I SO wanted that Billie dress and was crushed that they didn't have my size. Meanies. And I totally know what you mean about Newport News - sometimes you can score a sweet find, but most of their stuff is like, "....wha??"

Um, next time you make chocolate covered strawberries?? Call me please?? Oooh, I have a chocolate fountain...are you thinking what I'm thinking?