Thursday, April 16, 2009

My job is always entertaining

From a serious discussion in the back of the car today on the way to see Monsters vs. Aliens, I gleaned the following information:

Mila's favorite actors are Tim Allen and Robin Williams.

Ethan's favorite actor is Ben Stiller.

This was one of those moments where you laugh and cry at the same time.


erin said...

Much better favorites then I had at their age! Haha.
I was digging John Stamos cause I thought he was SOOooo good looking on Full House (eew..). Oh, and I was into Macaulay Culkin for the same reason (eew again).

Beeswax said...

Hey, what's so funny? Ben Stiller is my favorite, too. (He had me at milking the cat.)

Hailey said...

I actually was somewhat impressed with Ethan's choice, but he did remind me this morning that he's so funny himself because he always goes with his guts and his "instants."

But Tim Allen? Oh my goodness, what movies have I been subjecting my impressionable children to?

markolopia said...

Galaxy Quest!

Shawn said...

Well, I happen to think that YOU are my favorite funny actor, SO what do those kids of yours know!!

Heh, heh...

I love those kids.

By the by---Aydans favorite is Danny Kaye. He did an extra credit report on him for class.

Megg said...

Haha..That is cute. At their age, my favorite actor was probably Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

k8shoe said...

When McKay was 3, her favorite movie was Zoolander and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. We had to curb that watching when she started quoting entire scenes from the movie ("There was a moment last night, when she was sandwiched between the two Finnish dwarves and the Maori tribesman......").

Tim Allen probably should have won an Emmy for Santa Clause 3. Mighty fine acting there!