Friday, May 22, 2009

The Awesomeness of May

Yeah, so I'm not good at blogging these days. I'm starting to put it into the same category as sending out cards and making crafts and doing kids' hairdos, that category having the title "Things I am Horrible at Doing." I don't even make comments any more--too much work. And remember when I said I was going to make my blog private? Yeah, WAY too much work. I still might, some day...

You know who is a serial blogger? My mom. She wrote this in honor of me being born and she has tons of comments from strangers who now know really random things about me. She LOVES leaving comments and I admire her passion. I do! I just live in the blog world vicariously through her. It's much easier and just as exciting. None of the work and all of the glory!

But, blogging or no, May is still awesome (except for the part that I am a single mom for 10 weeks-blergh.)

Here are some exciting pictures for your May viewing pleasure:

When the kids had a day off of school, we headed to the zoo, of course! The Demings were there as well.

Extreme Giraffe Close-up

The Elephant Show

A giant elephant sculpture

Mila and Ethan, on the train

Lucy found this turtle shell and took it as her own. She actually manhandled some older children who tried to play in it.

Partying at the Clarks. I believe this was taken while "Poker Face" was playing...

My favorite new shoes. I had my toes painted to match them, natch.

Birthday dinner at Bangkok Grill--I ate Thai food for 24 hours straight--heaven!

Breakfast on the patio. Lane's the nudie.

Tanya and I as Rosalind and Celia. Our costumes are to die for. And yet quite heavy and cumbersome. I've stepped on Tanya's train and ripped it more than once. Clumsy!

April and I--she plays my evil mother in the show. Her wig is a character all on its own.

Pagey and I as smokin' shepherdesses.

With Cody, in our wedding get-up.

Blushing brides.

The whole gang. Love them! Only one more show to go!


Mindy Gledhill said...

OH NO! Is tonight the last show???? We are lame procrastinators!

Beeswax said...

It was a great show! Am still jealous of you costumes. Happy birthday!

Daddy Dave said...

I am soooo sorry I did not get to see your show! The costumes look so great and the kids at the zoo - what a memory!

Shawn said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I am a comment whore... fo sure....

Love the pictures---the twins look so big---I am tearing up again...dang it! I miss them SOOOOOOO!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your costumes and look for the show----I am still so bummed that I couldn't find a way to come out and see you. :(

You are amazing!

erin said...

I wish we could come see the last show! I heard it's awesome... you in particular! (as always :) How fun. And, it looks like Ethan liked the zoo much better then when Jake and I took he and Mila when they were tiny! Haha. Fun pics!