Saturday, October 24, 2009

For Mimi

Yeah, I'm the worst blogger, so what? The time just goes by way too quickly. WAY TOO QUICKLY. This video is for my mom. It features Mila, who is now 9, when she was about the same age as the twins are now. She's singing "Hush You Bye," a song that my mom sang to us as kids, and that is now a favorite bedtime song in my house as well. One time, the X-Files had an episode that revolved around the creepiest version of "Hush You Bye" that I have ever heard and I was extremely disturbed. But this version shouldn't give you any nightmares, unless you're the kind of person that has nightmares about ADORABLE TWO-YEAR OLDS.

P.S. If you smooshed a Lucy and a Lane together, you would get a little Mila.


Daddy Dave said...

So, so precious. It is amazing how quickly these moments pass into history. Cherish them.

Megg said...

Super cute.

Kristen said...

That was so sweet and adorable. And I heard little baby Ethan coos too. Aaron and I will always remember Mila at that age. "I want to watch Mouse."

Shawn said... I am crying again....

It has only been a few days, and I miss those little ones SOOOOOO much!

HUGE hugs and kisses from Mimi!