Saturday, February 12, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump

If your name is Rachel, and you have begged for more pictures, this post is for you. If your name is "I-hate-posts-with-only-pictures," then that's too bad because 2011 is all about being Hailey, and I like pictures. A LOT. Happy Valentine's Day!

The view from Ben's office.

Our bedroom.

This is a rare sight, indeed.

So is this. Cutie babysitter.

The Sunday before Christmas.

Ethan's loot. Both Santa and the Owl Post came! There were even owl feathers around the room...

Property of Mila.

For the twins!

Our little tree. My drama kids asked me if it was a "joke Christmas tree."

Central Park after one of the blizzards.

Our street after one of the blizzards.

Lane, in ballet class. I just love watching them try to make the positions. Cutie!

Lucy and Lane and I went to the Manhattan Childrens' Museum. We should have just gone straight to the sand area. They could have stayed here all day.


This place is up on 112th, on the way to pre-school. If you instantly recognize it, then you were probably born before 1980.

Dressing up on the snow day, with the exception of Ethan, who frequently dresses down.

Later, for the snow day, we headed to a neighbor's "backyard" to build snow forts.



The snowball fight was pretty awesome.

There are a TON of little girls in our ward. The twins' social calendar is booked! This is Lane at Ella's fairy birthday party.

Lucy and Ella dancing.

The day after the snow day, Mila and I were walking down Broadway. We saw about five of these guys!

Ethan had to write a nonfiction book about a subject he was an expert in. He chose to write about life with twin sisters. This was at his publishing party.

Elephant trunks!

I had to go get Ethan's cub scout the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!

At a Valentine cookie decorating party.

Lane takes cookie decorating very seriously.

I thought you might want to know what my "happy place" looks like out here.

An invitation to Ethan's Harry Potter birthday party.

The inside...

For Activity Days, the girls made pink Rice Krispie treat hearts decorated with white chocolate and candy (this one is wrapped in red cellophane.)

Ben, eating the giant heart.

These last three pictures were taken with the Retro Camera app.

They pretend to like each other to humor me.



Morgan said...

hey hailey! i found your blog through facebook. i love it! i have spent some time perusing your posts, hope that's ok. i can't wait to read that happiness project book. it's a couple down on my long list of books to read. ;) and i loved that post!

Annette said...

For the record I am a photo lover...and an iPhone/Retro Camera lover. It's so fun seeing what you're doing in NYC. Jenna also loves seeing pictures of Mila.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad to see all these photos! (Is it weird for me to request an "inside Target photo?" I want to know what you see when I call you). I miss your kids!

sunrabbit said...

Nice pics! Love the shots of the Owl Post and the invites to Ethan's party! Sounds like it'll be fun. :)

erin said...

I love picture posts!
Ethan's bday party invites are great. Love seeing the things you guys have been up to in NY!

Kristen said...

now that's what I'm talkin bout. except, try not to do too many next time, otherwise I might get too jealous of your sweet life in nyc! :)

Carina said...

I am jealous of your swanky NYC life.

Jenni said...

Love, love, love this post! So fun to see all the fun things you guys are up to and all the amazing views! And for the record, I totally know what that "Restaurant" is and I was born in 1980. =)

Travis and Rachel said...

That was pretty good post!!! I needed that! I pretty much try to forget that you live a long ways away but since you do I have to see what it all looks like!!! But then it helps me remember that you are a long ways away and that is why a day like today and all these birthdays we are having are way too quiet!!! Maybe I am just sad I have to make sugar cookies alone!!! boy I am a downer! I will work harder on being a upper next time!!!