Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pi(e) Night

Do you know Ryan and Kimberly Simmons? You should. They are the loveliest people on the island of Manhattan, not to mention the most stylish, theatrically-informed, and socially booked. When I get squeezed into their calendar, I rejoice, because Ryan is one of my people and sometimes I need my people around. So, to my delight, they had a pie night to celebrate 3/14 and we were invited. Kimberly just so happened to bake 52 different pies last year, one per week, and Ryan ate every single one of them. And he is still skinnier than me. So he is sort of my idol. But I think he eats salad the rest of the time, so there you go. They shared some of their favorite pies with us from last year and they definitely know how to throw a party.

The menu

The fearless hosts

Why can't I have them all?


Annette said...

Is that the Hipstamatic app I see? I love that one. I'd also love pie night. How on earth did they stay skinny?!

Hailey said...

Yes, Hipstamatic! And I forgot to mention that they both ran the NY marathon in the fall, so mystery solved.

Annette, I'm glad you commented, because your link was one that got deleted!