Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happy Birthday to You

He's the first to laugh at my jokes, and the last to criticize my cooking.

He's the first to say I love you and the last to let go of a hug.

He's the first to say I'm sorry and the last to judge my drama queen tantrums.

He's the first person I see in the morning and the last person I see before falling asleep.

He's handsome, funny, brilliant, patient, and loves the three of us more than anyone could measure or know. He's 30 today.

Happy Birthday, Baby. I love you.


Hailey said...

I have to get a few things off my chest here: first of all, you don't know how hard it was for me to be so cheesy, but I did it for the man I love, so lay off! (That goes for you too, Booya. Stop calling Ben and asking him if he's the last to let go of a hug!) And second, I'm no poet. OK, I feel much better now. Phew!

Anonymous said...

I thought that it was kinda cute---but it wasn't hard to figure WHO would be the last to let go in a hug, as Hailey NEVER hugs! Well,... er, not the traditional way, anyway... She sort of used to make the sound of a hug and touch you briefly on the arm...
It was kind of cute, really....