Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Awesome August

Why do kids say the most awesome things?

First off, my friend was over with her four and a half kids. Ben was setting up our new entertainment thingie. Her oldest son, Miles, who is 9, was watching him and said, "I see you have Dish Network." Ben said, "Yeah, I heard it's pretty good." Miles' reply: "Well, it's never let me down!" Lisa, you have trained him well for life.

Mila has been full of them in the past few weeks. Here are a few gems:

"I remember the first day that you bought me a Rainbow Magic series book and from that day on, I was transformed into a fantasy-lovin' bookworm!"

"A toy is not a toy without a kid."

"Ethan, you know what I always say? 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!' That is my absolute favorite saying to live by!"

And finally, whenever I ask her a question, instead of saying yes or no, she will say something like, "Do clownfish eat plankton?" And I just stand there blinking as she adds, "Answer that and you'll have your answer!" Great. Thanks, 7-year old, for reminding me how little I know about marine biology.

I also have to add that my little girls are the cutest, most awesome babies I have ever seen. I have to gush now because they're not moving yet and so it is the calm before the storm, if you will. But I put them in the bathtub together tonight and Lucy inadvertently made a little splash and Laney reacted with a guffaw and then they both started laughing hysterically. The cuteness almost killed me right then and there.

However, before you go on thinking that I'm living some sort of enchanted life, just know that in this past week Ben has had pink eye and wore a pirate eye patch on his second day of law school, Mila had a mysterious stomach bug and missed two days of school, and I have had a cold that will not leave me alone. So I have been pretty grumpy. So that is why I am especially grateful for hilarious children and cutest babies.

Pictures make me happy, too:

Ethan, Mila (underwater),and my brother Aydan back in July

Cutie Crab girls

My mom and Laney, on the night she left :^(

My new haircut (apparently it's the Victoria Beckham bob and it's hot right now, or so said my stylist, whose name was Hailey, so I had no choice but to believe her)

Second Day of Second Grade (she was sick the first day)

Lucy, Ethan, and Lane


Kristen said...

That's so odd. Was Ben's pink eye that bad? Cute hair too...I like the bob. Mila is so cute. It is funny because I just wrote a blog on the funny things Lily has been saying. Can't wait till Dec! We can get these babies altogether crawling and maybe even walking! :O

Lisa said...

Well, Dish has never let ME down, and I'm glad that as a mother I'm passing on really useful information to my children!

Your children --and your new hairdo--are darling!!!

Matt said...

So DO Clownfish eat plankton? I'm dying to know here and feelin' like I should have paid more attention when watching Nemo because then I would totally know the answer to this question. Dang.


Jenni said...

I LOVE your new haircut--very "Posh"...and man, your kidos are CUTE!!! Mila will never cease to amaze me...too funny. DOn't worry--Marine Biology is far from my strong suit as well! ANd poor Ben---I'm secretly cracking up at the thought of him sitting in law school with a patch on--poor guy!!!

Anonymous said...

In the last picture, the girls have your mom's hair! Just lurkin'... friend of your your blog...

Shawn said...

Oh, Hailey, you are so cute to get a picture in of Aydan and I when we came to visit you. Although I look like I weigh 200 lbs...but thanks anyway... :)
As for your amazing kids---I laughed alot at Mila and cried a bit when I imagined the twins laughing together in the tub...I MISS THEM SOOOO MUCH!
Your haircut is adorable and you look a bit older and sophisticated, I think! As for Ben, I must admit that I laughed aloud also to imagine him sitting in his law class with a pirate patch---he could have just worn sleek dark glasses...heh, heh....
I love you guys!!!

8:03 PM, September 04, 2007

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hailey! Toldya I'd pop in some time. Your kids are so adorable. In fact, if I'm hearing correctly, they're outside playing with mine right now.

And my baby had pinkeye a couple weeks back--hope we're not responsible for Ben's! If so, um... sorry!

Brillig (better known as Maddie and Blake's mom)