Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flyin' SOLO

Things I did on my trip to St. George:
- Spent time with my beautiful, talented, stylish, sweet, funny friend Jenny, who is playing Cinderella and Eliza Dolittle at Tuacahn Ampitheatre.
- Stayed in the Hampton Inn in a room with a King Bed.
- Didn't wake up once at night to make a bottle, not ONCE!
- Slept in until after 9.
- Ate hibachi one night, Greek the next, and Cold Stone, Nielsen's Custard, Red Vines, and pumpkin-chocolate chip bread all in between.
- Went to visit Cristian and Nicole Bell, who are both very awesome.
- Got a massage.
- Got a facial.
- Felt awkward when the girl giving me my facial said that her husband insists on naming their unborn child after his sister and she refuses because his sister did something unforgivable to her. I didn't think I was supposed to get stressed during my facial.
- Shopped at the OshKosh outlet and saved $300! It was like I was stealing the clothes--I'm surprised I didn't get arrested. (I have the receipt to prove it!)
- Shopped at Jenny's favorite consignment store and tried on "everything in the store"(or so said one male employee) I ended up getting a gorgeous red wool coat, some shirts, a vase, and some old books for the kids.
- Watched SYTYCD with Jenny and her show friends and laughed at their funny comments. GO SABRA!!!
- Went to see Jenny's special production of Cinderella where it was 95 degrees at 10 pm and the audience just sat there sweating together while flies buzzed around. Decided I don't really like the play Cinderella. But I love Jenny.
- Sat by the pool and read a book, and went to a movie, two impossible feats in my real life.
- Watched part of Real World while I was getting dressed. Being the Taurus that I am, took some small degree of comfort in the fact that some things never change. Especially the trashiest things.
- Got flipped off by some guy in the car next to me in Cedar City.
- Cried after a guy flipped me off because I did nothing wrong and I didn't understand how someone could be so mean.
- Missed my husband and kids, especially the eight month old identical looking ones.


Kristen said...

You look HOT in your pics. Love the top. Sounds fun. I was just thinking this morning what Gunnar would do if I stopped nursing cold turkey. I fell the urge. Good for you taking a break...did Ben survive?

Jenni said...

HOw fun Hailey!!! So glad you got a weekend to yourself!!! And I agree with KRisten--you look great!

erin said...

Man Hailey, you know how to plan a great trip! Sounds heavenly! And, I have to add too... you're one hot mama!

Unknown said...

yeah for trips sans kids! Is it wierd that I want to know what you got at Oshkosh? Did you get those cute pleated pants with the bow and the matching short sleeved floral print button up shirts? I hope so.

Jenny Donna said...

Remember when I said I was going to post a blog about your trip down? I do, but then I also remembered that the reason I barely ever blog is because I'm lazy, and I wouldn't want to change that because you little Taurus wouldn't like that.
I miss you so much!!
It was amazing to have you down are Gorgeous in every way.
p.s. I look like a giant in that picture

Shawn said...

Oh, Hailey, you are so cute to get a picture in of Aydan and I when we came to visit you. Although I look like I weigh 200 lbs...but thanks anyway... :)
As for your amazing kids---I laughed alot at Mila and cried a bit when I imagined the twins laughing together in the tub...I MISS THEM SOOOO MUCH!
Your haircut is adorable and you look a bit older and sophisticated, I think! As for Ben, I must admit that I laughed aloud also to imagine him sitting in his law class with a pirate patch---he could have just worn sleek dark glasses...heh, heh....
I love you guys!!!

Shawn said...

ok, I'm a dork---I put the comment on the wrong blog, as I was having problems getting it to work!
Arrgghhh! I hate things like that!

Anywho---glad you got that vacation---I am still a little creeped out with a massage, so I've never had one...