Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Speaking of obsessions...

The girls have begun exhibiting some disturbing behavior that I like to refer to as "All-Out Mama Brawling." Basically, they both charge me and fight over which one gets to be picked up, if I'm standing up, or, if I'm sitting down, it's who can get closest to my face. In their effort to accomplish these aforementioned goals, they bust out their best pinching, hitting, pushing, and eventually biting moves to knock the other girl out of competition. I am totally caught in the middle and it's like breaking up a dog fight, meaning that I usually suffer some casualties in the process. If I stand up and walk away, they both run after me screaming, trying to get closest to my legs. They do this no less than 15 times a day. Even now, I'm hurriedly typing this because the Wiggles caught their attention long enough for me to make an escape. I suppose I should be somewhat flattered--I haven't had two people fight over me so passionately since high school, and even then, I never saw those boys pinch or bite each other once (at least not in my presence.)

So, what am I supposed to do about this? I already broke down the cage, er, playpen, and asking them to "use words" to achieve world peace is futile, since they only have like three words and they are "mama," "mine," and "no," all clearly unhelpful in this situation. I have heard from other moms of twins who have gone before me one of two things: 1)The first twelve months are the hardest, or 2) No way, 12-18 months is the hardest. I'd like to go on the record by saying that they are all wrong, and they must have sedated themselves or sent their twins to boarding school when they hit 22 months because dang!

Lane just brought me my empty wallet. Awesome. (Note: on some occasions, "awesome" is my favorite word to drip with sarcasm.) Ack! Lucy is giving me the evil eye--gotta run!


Annette said...

I needed to read something funny today so thanks for that! I'm sitting here dreading 3:50 when the girls get off the school bus and someone winds up in timeout for doing something to the other one...and those girls are 9 and 6!

The McKay's said...

You always write really funny blogs. I am just trying to picture you in a ring, breaking the girls apart. At least they both love you like crazy!!! :)

Shawn said...

Great, Hailey! If anyone can keep up with those darlings, its you! :)

Look on the bright side---you can eat more cake batter ice cream, cause you are burning off more calories.

Can I borrow them? Please?

kathryn said...

i don't even have twins, but my children do the same kind of fighting:

"Mine Mama!"
"No! MINE Mama!"
etc., etc., etc.

I'm so excited to be soon welcoming baby number three to add to the "baby brawl sessions". bring it.

erin said...

All of you moms of twins are superladies or something! I can't imagine two at the same stage at once. You're awesome. ...and I mean that in the good, non-sarcastic way :)

Handsfullmom said...

Just endure it! My twins started getting hard around 18 months and basically fought constantly over anything and everything for the next two and a half years. Now they are four and they mostly get along. So it does get better!

I really liked how people told me that the first year was the hardest. I found it pretty smooth sailing, so I figured I was home free. Ha! Ha ha ha(she says laughing with you, not at you!)