Saturday, January 17, 2009

Looking Forward to:

Monday, February 2 at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo! The Thrillionaires will be the guest performers at a benefit concert given by singer/songwriter Mindy Gledhill for Christian and Stephanie Nielson. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the family. It's totally win-win, because not only are you donating to a worthy cause, but you get to be entertained and touched and laugh and cry--I can't wait! Now, a little back story on how this benefit came to be:

A couple of years ago, the Thrillionaires were asked to emcee the big show for Women's Conference at BYU. We did, and it was awesome. A beautiful lady by the name of Mindy Gledhill was one of the performers that night. Upon being introduced, Mindy and I went back and forth playing the "Where do I know you from?" game. We never did get to the bottom of it, but we figured it was some class at BYU and left it at that. The first time I heard Mindy sing one of her songs, I was just riveted. Not only did she have a gorgeous voice, but she sang with such passion and her lyrics were introspective and emotional.

Flash forward two and a half years. Mindy, a friend of Stephanie's, decides to put on a benefit concert in Provo. She wants it to be a fun and carefree night and so she brainstorms comedic relief options. She remembers our little group and calls Chris Clark, Stephanie's brother. "Do you, by chance, have any connections to the Thrillionaires?" Chris was like, "Are you kidding?" She had no idea that Chris was actually in the Thrillionaires and that his wife was one of the founding members. She got in touch with Lisa and I and we were absolutely thrilled.

For my part, since hearing about the plane crash, I have wanted to do something to help. The trouble is, my crafting skills are extremely sub-par, I don't have a blog with lots of traffic, and my husband is in school, making us the poor ones. The only thing I can do is perform with my friends, and hopefully make people laugh sometimes. And so this opportunity is exactly what I've been waiting for--I cannot even tell you how excited I am! Thank you, Mindy--you are a beautiful person and I'm honored to share the night with you! (Not like she'll read that, but I just like to put it out there in the universe...)

So please come! You will have a wonderful time, I promise! And even if you don't, you can still leave the building with a smile knowing you've contributed to NieNie. You can buy your tickets here. To find out more about the silent auction taking place that night, go here. Also, you can buy Mindy's new cd here. Mila and I love it.


Shawn said...

Wish I could be there----couldn't you put it off for a few weeks when I am there?

heh, heh---just thought that I would ask.

Mindy Gledhill said...

Holy cow, I was sitting in bed and the universe kept trying to tell me something. At first, it kind of sounded like "smelly bog" but then it became more clear and I heard the words, "Hailey's Blog" loud and clear. So I looked you up and saw your awesome post and read the message you put out there for the universe to carry to me. Thank you Hailey! That was so sweet. I am so excited to perform with you and I have some great ideas after seeing you last Friday. You were fantastic, by the way.

Much Love,


Beeswax said...

I wish I could come. Now, am sad.

Hailey said...

Hey Mindy! Wow, I guess the universe is listening to me! OK, Universe, I want a Cheesecake Factory in Utah County.

As for you , Mindy, you are a funny lady. Ever thought of doing improv? ;^)

Kelly, don't be sad. You're funny AND pretty!

k8shoe said...

See ya there! I'm excited to see Mindy perform more since we got the little sampling the other night. She's amazing (as were you)!

Michelle Catherine Walker said...

early feb cupcake exchange sounds perfect!!! You know I would actually come to every single thing you do except that a part of me feels like its being ripped in two since I NEVER get to sing anymore. :( That's totally my problem, though. I hope you do great and I'll work on this in therapy and get back to you. ;)