Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February Sum-up or "We love stuff!"

We love Macbeth! (2/5/09)

We love edamame!

We love Valentine's Day parties and eating Nerds off the floor!

We love husbands who are fancy chefs! (2/14/09)

We love dessert!

We love home-made smoothies!

We love "sisters" night out and candy!

We love the Thrillionaires! (But not knees, and that guy's head)

We love Lisa and Maclain!

We love four generations! (2/22/09)

We love birthdays!

We love Mimi!

We love Star Wars! (But maybe Aydan doesn't...)

We love cake!

Some of us love cake too much!

Hooray for cake!

And...for the grand finale, we love this video! (We also love Amelia, for telling us about it...)


April Fossen said...

We love edamame too! And weird 6-year olds reading kitten books!

Michelle Catherine Walker said...

I love you as a red-head, your mom looking super cute, Ben when he invites us over for chefy dinners (remember the steaks with the curry? I do.) I love your kids for being tiny versions of you and Ben. Sounds like a wonderful month! {We heart edamame, too.}

Kristen said...

Ethan looks so much like your brother Clayton in the eyes and mouth. That generation picture is so great. Is it a little disturbing that they have little kids doing Macbeth?

Hailey said...

Maybe, Kristen, but Mila is wise beyond her 3rd grade years, and I love that they're exposed to Shakespeare. Besides, it was only a 30 minute rendition!

Shawn said...

Oh, Oh, Oh I LOVED this post!!

And I LOVED the fact that I could stay with you and your amazing kids for at least a week!

I am already missing those kids---especially those babies.

Aydan has already made reference to them two times today---mimic'ing their cute little voices.

Oh, how will I EVER make it to June?

Anonymous said...

We love you!

Jenni said...

Fun pictures! Love that one with all the girls in your fam...Happy Belated to the E-man...looks like it was a fun one!

Annette said...

I've never had edamame, or been married to a fancy chef, or eaten Nerds off the floor. I can tell I've been deprived.

@emllewellyn said...

We also love my face in that picture.

J Bakerz said...

Love the Pics too! I miss curry steaks by Ben as well. But it's the dust bowl now and the days of steaks at the Smith estate are on pause. Maybe we can all have a bring your own steak night and Ben can just make them. Oh and the abnormally good-looking children are always fun to see.

Anonymous said...

Yes, My grandchildren are the bomb! All 9 of them. It just kills me with chuckles that Mila did McBeth. I wish I could have been there that day!

Anonymous said...

The four generation photo is cool! It's quite hard to pull that off!

Beeswax said...

I'm still mulling over the kitten video.

So are you in a play or a thrillionaires show around women's conf? We are in.

Rachel said...

HAHA. You kill me. I love that video. It's been one of my faves as of late.