Monday, August 10, 2009

Feels Like the Homecoming Queen Days All Over Again

Except this time, I think I have a shot! My improv troupe, the Thrillionaires, have been nominated for a Salt Lake City Weekly ARTY award for best improv troupe. It is the first time we've been nominated for anything, and we are thrilled!

So, if you live in Utah, please vote for us here. You have to register, but it doesn't take long, and then you have to vote in at least three categories to make it count. Since I hadn't seen any of the other nominees, I wrote in "As You Like It" for best play and "Brett Merritt" in "As You Like It" for best performance. Feel free to copy me. And yes, shameless to vote for a play I was in, but I couldn't think of any other show I enjoyed watching more. You have until August 25th to vote!

And after you vote, reward yourself for your good deed by going to see this:

It's funny, it's smart, it's real, it's well-acted, and it has awesome music. What more could you want? Best movie I've seen this year and certainly the best I've seen in the indie-love story genre since this:



Beeswax said...

Already saw 500 days. Liked it lots. Wish I could vote fer ya!

Megg said...

I want to see 500 days! If you haven't seen Away We Go yet, you must!

Michelle Catherine Walker said...

I hope you guys win! My mom said you guys will be out this way next year, yay!!!

Shawn said...

Can't vote.

Did watch----loved it.

And I DO love.....YOU!

Mom n Pop Wilson said...

Thanks for the movie tip. I really enjoyed Lars. Sorry I can't vote but I'm excited for you. Hope you win! By-the-way, Jacob got the New York job. He's there to stay!

Davey Morrison Dillard said...

Voted. Need to watch "500 Days." Love "Lars."