Monday, October 15, 2007

Thoughts on my trip to California

-If someone created a candle called "Disneyland Smell," I would totally buy it.

-October is not actually a good time to go to Disneyland as I previously had been led to believe. Not when the entire states of Utah and Arizona are there together for Fall Break. Next time, I am going to try February. If that doesn't work, I will go back on Presidential Election Day in 2008. I went on Nov. 2 in 2004 and the place was a ghost town.

-Space Mountain still makes me giggle. It made Ethan cry and Mila hyperactive. Thanks, Kelly, for the Fastpasses!

-Twins are a BIG deal in every state EXCEPT Utah.

-Chinese tourists love twins the MOST.

-When people say: "You've got your hands full!" they really mean: "You crazy lady, why are you in public?"

-When a waitress says to you, "Wow! I can't believe you have four!" and your friend replies, "Yeah, she gets it a lot here," and the waitress thinks she means something else, it is pretty funny. Scandalous, but funny.

-My favorite frozen yogurt place in the world is called 21 Choices and is in my hometown of Claremont, CA. On Friday night I dragged all the kids there and experienced ten minutes of heaven as I downed a small half banana cream pie/half organic strawberry with fresh strawberries on top. I'm crying a little right now just thinking of it. Why can't anyone else figure out how to make frozen yogurt right?

-Grandparents are the best. So are parents. Thank you for the star treatment, Dad and Janine!

-I am so sad I missed seeing my friend Christa and her new baby. Dang LA traffic!

-Driving ten hours with four kids by yourself is do-able. Not advisable, but definitely do-able.

-I am happy to be home. Not so happy to see my laundry piles.

So here are some pics: (Notice how my children are sometimes depressed at Disneyland. Wha?)


King Family said...

I am dying. So when we lived in CA I got "you've got your hands full" so MUCH and it drove me nuts, because you it definitely has a different meaning. I would also purchase the Disneyland Candle.

k8shoe said...

That candle would make me eat everything in my house because that's all I wanted to do while we were there! I can't believe we never bumped into your HUMONGOUS brood while we were down there! So did your hubby not go down there with you?

Jenni said...

Glad you guys had fun! You're superwoman for making that trip alone. And I So totally agree with you about no one knowing how to do frozen sad.

melanie said...

If I had a nickle for the times I hear, "you've got your hands full"...

Another translation: I'm so glad I'm not you!

I can now sense the statement coming on as I'm walking around in public with the twins. I'll cut them off just as they're opening their mouths by saying: "I've sure got my hands full!"

Anonymous said...

21 Choices is moving to a big new store in the village, so hurry back to check it out!

Yep. February would be good for Disneyland, so let's get to planning that next trip to see grandpa and grandma Jones!!!