Monday, November 03, 2008

Good stuff

I'm kind of a strict mom, I guess. In our house, the "f" word is "fat," the "s" word is "stupid," and the "d" word is "dumb." It makes reading Junie B. Jones books out loud a real challenge (I just act as a human ClearPlay.) We also have a ban on "real" swear words, even though Ben and I get busted for "crap" like every day. But sometimes, you have to express yourself about something (believe me, I know) and so I have to give my kids points for creativity. Ethan's expletive of choice is "Oh, Peanuts!" It's cute, but sometimes I cringe when he says it in public because I know what he's saying, but you know?

Mila's expression of choice? "Oh, Snap!"

So, I couldn't resist this $5 find at Old Navy today:

I may have also purchased these slippers, but are you kidding me? I'll wear these bad boys all day long all winter long (I'm wearing them right now):

After going to Old Navy, Ethan and I got Red Mango because we love it--it is our "hot date" locale of choice! (Did anyone else have "hot dates" with their parents growing up? What the? Why did we call it that? Mom? I don't call it that with my kids, btw, I only did here. Crazy non-politically correct 1980's...) Anyway, Ethan gets original with strawberries and I get whatever, as long as it's medium and has mangoes! Sometimes we share with the twins, and sometimes we don't. Depends on our mood and how hungry we are. (He chooses it over getting a Happy Meal--the kid is so 2008.)

I also watched this just now and it made my day. Talk about cheap thrills! Ben is going to love it, especially when it shows the black and white footage of the lady not being able to use her phone AND a blanket! Oh, the horror! I think they all look like a crazy cult or Masons group. So awesome. Thanks for posting it, Jenny, my dear!

Finally, The Book Thief is being made into a movie, of course--total no-brainer. On, it says 2010, but gives no other info. Who do you think should be cast?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go put on my Snuggie so I can watch The Amazing Race and eat Halloween candy! (Only one of those things was a lie.)


Mandee said...

That sounds cozy... candy and The Amazing Race- and slippers. I am actually in the market for some new house slippers.

Kristen said...

I remember needing to wearing slippers once. "Did I mention that it is warm, and it's also warm and cozy. You'll always be warm." That is hilarious.
Let's see, Mila is how old? Yep, that's about when I got the talk. haha, Not jealous at all. Cutie Ethan...that place must be new, I have never heard of it.

Jenni said...

I was just thinking I've never heard of this smoothie place either...what the heck??? YUM! And seriously, those are the cutest slippers! I'd totally wear them all day long!!!

Hailey said...

Red Mango is actually frozen yogurt--it's pretty much exactly the same as Pinkberry, as far as I can make out...

Shawn said...

Sorry I'm so behind! You have been writing up a storm, Hailey!

Its been tech week and a half for me---so I am in denial about life as I know it.

Anywho---I think that I got "hot dates" from the idea that it was something special and exciting---not "hot" like a hot girl or something....eeewwwwww.

Glad you are still carrying on the tradition!

Hardin Family said...

Glad to hear you liked The Book Thief!--- Your kids are so dang cute!