Sunday, November 02, 2008

This Morning

7:20: I open my eyes and look at the alarm clock. I think, "Got to get up and get ready for church..."

7:45: I open my eyes again. "Oh no, we have to leave in one hour--we'll never make it..."

7:56: I get out of bed and walk to Mila's room. She is awake already, reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I sit on her bed.

Mila: It's 8:57, Mom.

Me: Huh? (I look at her clock. It says 8:57.)

Mila: It's Daylight Savings.

Me: Ohhhh, but you're supposed to move your clock an hour backward not forward, which makes it...6:57! Later!

6:57: I run back to my room. Ben has turned on the light and is heading towards the bathroom. I turn off the light.

Ben: What are you doing?

Me: I forgot it was Daylight Savings! We can go back to bed!

6:58: We both jump back in bed. I can hear the girls in the room next to us begin to stir, then talk, then jump up and down in their cribs. But I don't even go in there for another 10 minutes.

8:50: We arrive at church ten minutes early. Yes! It's about time Daylight Savings showed me some love.


erin said...

Yeah for a little more sleep! :)
Just clicked on your link to last year's post... fun to see how much the kids have grown since then! And, I just bought that stroller in brown last night online. If I knew you had it, I'd have asked you if it was any good first!

Jaynann said...

I wish it was that kind to me. I decided to stay up later and take advantage of that extra hour plus some. It was not so nice this morning.