Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obsessed Much?

I deleted my last post per request of someone close to me, but if you want to talk about it any more, feel free to e-mail or FB me.

The other morning, when I was in the shower and thinking of random things as I often do, I thought about how I might answer the question: "What do you obsess over?"

I know what I would NOT say. Not exercise. Not cleaning. Not scrap-booking. Not crafting. Not sports. Not pets. Not money, really. Not sleep (shut up, Ben, I am much better now.) Not my husband. That last one sounds bad, but while I like my husband a whole lot, I am not obsessed with him (don't even tell me you don't know at least one woman who stalks her own husband, because they are totally out there.)

I would have to say I do obsess over the following:

1) My kids. I am around them all the time and they rock my Cheerio-scattered, diaper-infested, laundry-covered, papers-piled everywhere world. They are my full-time with double over-time job. They drive me crazy and I drive them crazy. I want them to grow to be respectful, honest, sympathetic people and so they would probably say things like "I have the meanest mom in the neighborhood," but I take that as a compliment, thank you very much.

2) Food. As I write this, my mouth is watering over the medium-sized pomegranate and original swirled frozen yogurt topped with strawberries and mangoes I had this morning. I have been known to call Rachel and say things like, "I love ham so much I want to marry it."All my best friends share my obsession with food (including my husband,) and I don't think I could be in better company. Funny thing is, I'm not so much a cook. But my husband is. So life is good.

3) TV/Tivo. I think about my stories while I'm doing dishes. Knowing that I have TV night at a friend's house to look forward to at the end of the day is sometimes all I need to pull through. My favorite thing to do with Ben is sit on either end of the couch on Thursday nights under a blanket to watch Pam and Jim and Jack and Liz. What could be better? I will occasionally read crazy TV gossip websites and some of my friends started a TV blog, which makes me oh so happy. Once again, I have actually acquired friendships through conversations about TV. If you don't believe me, ask my friend Jenny about the first time we met and she'll tell you we talked about a certain lad named Blake who could do a certain straightleg-kick-somersault on a certain summer dance competition show. Or talk to Annette, whose porch I stood and chatted on during the glory days of Alias. The writers' strike was a dark time for some of us. We'd call each other and discuss the weather, of all things. And why did they have to do it during the winter, of all times?

4)Target. Red and white until I die. I am so happy there, and I make my kids be happy there, too, with suckers! And if they're not happy, I ignore them and get carried away into a lovely land of cute, cheap clothes and awesome shoes and must-have holiday decorations. I have not gone into a Wal-Mart in months, and I don't plan on returning any time soon. I am nothing if not loyal. Plus, Wal-Mart really bites and I cry with my kids there.

Your turn...


Jewels said...

Dude - how I adore Target! I could spend days in there, it is my happy place. Other things I'm obsessed with? The internet, old movies, shoes...

Shawn said...

Hey---I wondered what happened to that blog---I got it on my blog watcher, but when I clicked on it---it said that it wasn't available.

So---I guess I have to call and chat about that.

You know what I obsess nothing new here.

My kids.
My G-babies.
My clothing.
Movies, movies, movies!
Food. (I had too many years of semi-anorexia, so I love food now)
Shoes, makeup, hair, my style, etc.
H & M, Forever 21.
Singing, performing, directing.
The gospel.

Jenni said...

Here's my obsession list:
-My cute kids
-picking up my house so it LOOKS clean (but I hate actually cleaning)
-Jamba Juice (although I'm over it this moment-loving homemade smoothies)
-shoes...can you ever have enough?
-PJ bottoms...I've got a collection
-checking email...a habit!
-Running/working's just who I am!
-Target also!!!(although we don't have SUPER Target here...miss those)
-Pazookies at BJ's...the peanut Butter one is my favorite!
-Desserts in general
-my weight (dumb, but true)
-Scrapbooking (and the buying of scrapbooking supplies)
-trying to match my kids when they get dressed in the morning...I like them to match, only a both in stripes, both in the same shirt but different colors, etc. It's hard now though since once is in Toddler sizes and the other in little boy sizes

Mandee said...

seriously, I want to talk about that last post. Want to meet at Paradise?

Anyway, did you see the preview for the upcoming premiere of LOST in January. It was too short for me, I needed more.

Obsessed with:
-finding good deals at J Crew
-for the the moment) finding a Christmas card
-the Twilight books (again) after seeing the movie
-Facebook (I need to delete that thing from my life)
-my kids (expecially my 2 year old, I can't get enough of him lately

k8shoe said...

My list is very simlar to Mandee's minus the J-Crew obsession (Forever 21 and Nordstrom for me)

I wanna talk about that post too so call me when ya go to Paradise. :)

Hailey said...

Yes, I must add the internet and matching my twins' outfits to my list of obsessions.

And yes, ladies, Paradise is calling! I'll e-mail you...

The McKay's said...

Love it.
I think I'll turn mine into a blog post.
Thanks for sharing. We share the same obsession for food. :)

Michelle Catherine Walker said...


Do you guys have a time for Thanksgiving yet? You could say I'm obsessing about trying to make a turkey for the first time. :-)

Lisa said...

Um, my list sounds exactly like YOUR list. I don't mean to be a copycat, but: ditto. And then add lipstick. It's definately an obsession.

Michelle Catherine Walker said...


"Son-in-love" is pretty intense, huh? :) Did you know you're the
4th most popular blog in Provo? You probably knew that. Anyway, thanks for being one of the only people who cares about what I blog about. Maybe if I blog about Twighlight...but then no, that wouldn't be uplifting. I think your quote, "red and white 'til I die" is one of the best quotes of the year.

Amelia Merritt said...

I obsess about things I say to people. Like how I should have said that instead of that or not have said anything at all or what they must think of me because I said what I said. Its usually for no reason thankfully, but it doesn't stop me from doing it.

Laurel and David Lowe said...

I love this! You just invented a tag post. Way to go! Oh, and I like you! Lots! You're an amazing lady.

erin said...

This was fun to read! One day I hope to have Tivo! We are a little behind the times...
We're excited to see you guys next month! :)

Michelle Catherine Walker said...

OK, miss lazy pants. You can't leave your followers hanging for this long. It's like taking crack away from a strumpet. (I coded that message in verbous wordage to keep my vulgarity at an acceptable level.) Now that's love.

So, where's the next post?